A3 Lemon Clearing and Control Cream - Fair Tone Plus 150ml

- Die Creme macht die Haut weich und geschmeidig
- Sie lässt dunkle Flecken auf der Haut verblassen
- Controls/Clears Pimples
- Cream with Lumiskin & Sun Rays Shield
- With Lemon Extract (Zitronenextrakt) and Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamsamenöl)

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A3 Lemon Clearing and Control Cream CLEARS Stubborn Blemishes of the skin caused both by an excessive response to environmental insults (sunrays) and by the hormonal changes, responsible of the irregular formation of the Melanin (spots). In addition, the Sun Rays Shield makes this cream ideal TO CONTROL the skin from further darkening.

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