Sensationnel Swiss Lace Wig Cloud 9 MATILDA Dream Muse Series Perücke

- Sensationnel Swiss Lace Wig MATILDA Dream Muse Series
- Silk-based ULTRA Soft Swiss lace - Hand-tied knots with baby hairs along the natural hairline
- Blend with 100% Human Hair & Hybrid Mix (Echthaar und Kunsthaar Gemisch - Hohe Qualität zum günstigen Preis)
- 3XL Swiss Lace Parting Area - 11'' x 4'' Lace coverall area - Unlimited parting options
- Lightweight contouring mesh cap - Flexible fit for various head shapes and sizes

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Artikelnummer UMO-3764




Sensationnel Swiss Lace Wig Dream Muse Series with 100% Human Hair & Hybrid Mix (Human Hair Blend). An ultra soft Swiss lace for a perfect fit and waering comfort. The 3XL Swiss lace parting area fits from ear-to-ear. A natural hairline generated by a contoured and skintoned Silk base. The adjustable straps and combs provided for secure fit. The processed contouring mesh cap is non-bulky, light weight and breathable. It also fits for various head shapes and sizes. The track-free cap ensures natural flowing hair and movement.


Parting Options




Swiss silk-based lace from ear-to-ear with the biggest lace size ever!

Ultra soft swiss lace provides maximum comfort and styling.

Features individually hand knotted strands for limitless parting.







Flexible Mesh Cap For Top Level Comfort.

Designed To Fit Various Head Shapes And Sizes.


Adjustable Straps And Combs For A Secure Fit.

Skintoned Silk Base For Natural Looking Part.


Baby Hairs Along The Hairline


The Nape Areas For A Flawlessly Finished Style.






- Gently detangle the hair from ends to roots using a paddle brush or wide tooth comb.

- Turn the wig inside out and wet the hair with lukewarm water from the top (cap) to reduce tangling.

- Apply shampoo in a downward motion and rinse until water runs clear. Do not rub the cap when washing.

- Turn the wig cap back and repeat above steps with cold water when applying conditioner.

- Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel. Do not roll or rub the hair into a towel

- Place the wig on a wig stand and air dry. We recommend using smaller head size to avoid stretching the cap.

- Apply a small amount of hair lotion or serum, as needed.

- If applying glue or tape, be sure to only apply on lace material.



Wigs / Lace Wigs: Wigs sind Perücken. Diese müssen sie am Kopf befestigen. Eine Anleitung dazu findet sich üblicherweise in der Verpackung. Sie können die Wig auch mit separatem Zubehör (Kleber) fixieren.

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