Sweet Georgia Brown Hair Dressing Pomade 4oz 114g Haarpomade

- Diese Friseurpomade hat eine mittlere bis feste Konsistenz, für schönen Glanz und tollem Duft im Haar
- Sie eignet sich für jede Art von Haar und Stil, besonders beliebt für klassische Looks - von glatten, geschmeidigen, dicken Locken bis zu glattem Haar
- This hair dressing pomade has a medium to firm hold pomade with a nice gloss and scent
- It is made for any type of hair or style, but is most popular with classic looks - Anything from slick, smooth, thick, curls, to straight hair
- A hair pomada for men, boys, women and girls

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Artikelnummer UMO-3525

Made in USA.


The formula has been used for decades and recently restored to the market because of its great results. It is best suited for people with darker hair color as it may leave a slight yellow tint.

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