Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard 15oz 425g Styling-Pudding

- Der Styling-Pudding versorgt das Haar mit sehr viel Feuchtigkeit, erleichtert das Definieren der Locken erheblich und erhöht die Handhabbarkeit der Locken
- Es glättet, erweicht und schützt die Locken, für volle Sprungkraft und ein gesundes Wachstum
- Attain the ultimate moisture, definition, and curl control
- By smoothing, softening, and protecting, this advanced blend of soft-hold conditioners and moisturizers helps promote natural curl elongation and healthy looking growth
- With Shea Butter (Sheabutter) and Argan Oil (Arganöl) - Without Sulfates (Sulfate) and Parabens (Parabene)

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Artikelnummer UMO-3945

Perfect for natural hair.


Use regularly to hold and elongate curls providing non-sticks, frizz-free lasting style with a natural shine.


Usage Instructions
After hair is cleaned and conditioned, begin applying quarter-sized amount to hair in sections, from roots to ends. Rake your fingers through tresses until you see your desired definition. To help evenly distribute in thicker hair, keep a spray bottle handy and gently mist with water (add just enough to help manage each section). Set your style by sitting under a dryer for 25 minutes or allowing to air dry.

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