Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding 15oz 425g definierender Haarpudding

- Der Haarpudding erhöht die Handhabbarkeit weicher und definierter Locken und sorgt für gesünder aussehende längliche Coils mit einem unvergesslichen Körper
- Es erweitert die Optionen beim Styling, zügelt Frizz und definiert das Haar
- Get styling versatility, frizz control and definition
- To achieve manageability, softer more defined curls, healthier looking elongated coils, with unforgettable body
- With Shea Butter (Sheabutter) and Argan Oil (Arganöl) - Without Sulfates (Sulfate) and Parabens (Parabene)

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Artikelnummer UMO-3944

Perfect for natural hair.


Usage Instructions
After your hair is clean and conditioned, apply your desired amount of Curl control through sections of hair, use fingers or wide tooth comb to evenly distribute from roots to the ends of your hair. Allow your hair to air dry. For maximum curl elongation repeat process above twice and air dry.


Styling Suggestions
This creamy formula allows you to be the style chameleon you want to be! You can Fingerstyle, 2 Strand Twist, or do unforgettable Spiral Rod Sets. Transitioners can use to help blend textures. Silkeners and Texturizers can smooth and define hair styles with ease.

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