Fantasia IC Liquid Mousse ProVitamin Wraping Lotion 12oz 355ml

- Does not stick to Curling Irons or Other Heat Appliances
- Longer Lasting Hairstyles with Soft, Silky, Lustrous Shine
- No Alcohol, No Flaking, No Tangles and No Build-Up
- Conditioners help protect Hair from Heat Abuse
- Locks in Hairstyle with Super Body
- Gives Hair Maximum Shine

6,99 EUR
(Grundpreis 19,69 EUR / Liter )
Inhalt 355 Milliliter
* inkl. ges. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten
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Fantasia Liquid Mousse ProVitamin Wrapping Lotion Longer-Lasting Hairstyles with soft, silky, lustrous shine Conditioners help protect hair from heat abuse Does not stick to curling irons or other heat appliances Gives hair maximum shine Locks in hairstyle with super body

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