OGX Organix reviving + Vitamin E - Conditioner 13oz 385ml

- Lower your risk for breakage and dullness with this conditioner that will leave your locks looking smooth and healthy.
- A potent, nutrient rich formula with Vitamin E helps to smooth the surface of hair while penetrating moisture helps to maintain strength and elasticity. Use daily to improve the appearance of split-ends and frizziness.
- Frei von Parabenen und ohne Sulfate

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Artikelnummer UMO-883

Healthy looking hair is always in style. So when your hair could use a boost, take your vitamins. This E-infused formula blend helps smooth the outer layer of hair, helping to fuse split ends while healing and adding nutrients to get your hair back to healthy.

Wir empfehlen für ein perfektes Pflegeergebnis das Shampoo, Conditioner und Öl der gleichen Serie zu verwenden.

Packungsgröße: 385ml

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