Feme Urban Twist PASSION Pre-looped crochet Braids 18'' (45cm)

- Premium synthetic fiber braids
- Itch-free and anti-bacterial
- Water repellent and lightweight
- Can be installed in a variety of ways, including loop crocheting
- One pack contains three generous bundles of springy two-strand twists (36 strands)

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Artikelnummer UMO-4014

Protective styling has been upped a notch with the arrival of Passion Twists, and fans of the boho tresses can get the look using Urban Twist. Wearers love the fact that it’s lightweight and can be installed using gentle methods. One pack contains three generous bundles of springy two-strand twists, which collectively give the appearance of unravelled locs with a curly texture.


Der Hersteller empfiehlt für ein perfektes Ergebnis 3 bis 4 Packungen zu benutzen. - Packs used for full head: 3-4 packs

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