4 steps to nurture hair breakage back to its health - for long hair

von Mykeila Duong - 28 Feb, 2021

4 steps to nurture hair breakage back to its health - for long hair

Dealing with hair breakage is not a walk in the park. It takes time and patience to nurture dry, damaged hair back to its shine. Here are the 4 steps to add to your hair care routine to achieve breakage-free hair.

Step 1: Trim your ends regularly
It is crucial to trim dry ends, especially for long hair, if you want healthy hair. How to tell when to trim dry ends? The longer your hair, the older your dry ends. And this ages your hair and dries it out. So if your curls and coils start to get tangled more often than before, it is a sign to pull out those scissors and trim them.

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Step 2: Wrap a silk scarf around your hair when sleeping at night.
Silk has one major benefit over cotton; that is it does not absorb moisture as compared to cotton. Silk scarves can help prevent friction between your hair and your pillow by regulating temperature and preventing moisture from escaping your hair.  If you don’t feel like wrapping your hair, you can also invest in a silk pillow.  

Step 3: Make sure to moisturize your hair.
We all know conditioners, treatment, and hair masks are your best friends when it comes to moisturizing. When combined with silk scarves, they are unbeatable. You can try leaving a conditioner, treatment or a hair mask in your hair during your sleep. Silk scarves keep your hair tidy without tangling and increase the health of your hair.  

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Step 4: Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
It is important to keep a healthy diet to maintain healthy hair. Since hair is made of protein, it is crucial that you have enough protein intake to prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle, and weak. Dairy products, lean meat, legumes, and nuts are excellent sources of protein.