Avlon KeraCare Setting Lotion 8oz 240ml

- Spendet Volumen und Glanz
- Anti-Frizz
- Schützt vor Haarbruch und Spliss während des Stylings
- Für starken Halt
- Avlon Kera Care Setting Lotion moisturizes hair to eliminate dryness and frizzing while infusing it with luxurious volume, body and sheen

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Artikelnummer 72290

Avlon KeraCare Setting Lotion Gives an incredible hold. Moisturizes hair while infusing it with luxurious volume, body and sheen. Contains moisturizers to eliminate dryness and frizzing. Reduces mechanical damage by decreasing interfiber friction. Minimizes breakage and seals split ends. Great for all hair textures including fine, limp hair. pH balanced. Packungsgröße: 240ml

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