Africa's Best Kids Organics Relaxer System No-Lye Kids COARSE SUPER

- Africa's Best Kids Organics Relaxer System No-Lye Kids COARSE SUPER
- Organic conditioning relaxer system with ScalpGuard
- Gentle on hair and scalp - superior straightening
- With extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, carrot oil, soy protein, Vitamin E, cholesterol and tea tree oil
- Net Contents: One complete application

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It contains: Kids Organics ScalpGuard, Organic Conditioning Olive Oil Relaxer and Activator, Hair Nutrition Olive Oil and Protein Enriched, Organic Conditioning Olive Oil Neutralizing Shampoo and Dentangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion



  • Not recommended for use on children younger than 10
  • Use only tightly curled African or Afro-Caribbean hair type
  • This product may not be suitable for all hair types : it is imperative to perform a strand test prior to application
  • Use the strength of relaxer suited to child’s hair
  • Must be applied by an adult
  • Do not use on bleached hair, highlighted hair, hair treated with henna or metallic salts, or hair processed with a thio / perm product such as thioglycolate, thiolactate, cysteine, cysteamine, sulphite. Hair loss or breakage could occur
  • Do not use on hair that is fragile or damaged, for example, due to frequent colouring or other chemical processes
  • On permanent or semi-permanent hair colour, wait at least 2 weeks before relaxing.
  • Do not use if the child has an irritated or damaged scalp
  • It is imperative to use petroleum jelly during application as indicated in enclosed instructions

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