American Dream Maxi Cocoabutter Cream 500ml

- Non-Greasy & Easily absorbed Cocoa Butter Cream
- Smells light and lovey... unlike some of the other stronger smelling cocoa butters
- Smooth Cocoa Butter Cream
- Eleviates dry skin conditions, evens skin tone
- Keeps you moisturised all day long

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Its with vitamin E, ultra- moisturizing all over body butter. Melts into the skin to soften and moisturize the roughest,driest skin to leave it silky soft and smooth. The healing vitamin E also makes this ideal for preventing and smoothing away pregnancy stretch marks and blemishes. American Dream's Cocoa Butter is used and trusted by thousands of people across the World. The cream is not hard like some cocoa butters, but instead has the most creamiest texture ever so it can easily be absorbed into your skin - without you feeling greasy! American Dream Cocoa Butter comes in a 500ml tub and is great for the whole family to use every day!

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